Abundant Grace

Thank God for Grace today! Grace is His undeserved favor! It is the grace of God that allows us to do many things that we could not do on our own. The grace of God opens doors, tears down walls and gives us wisdom & clarity. May His grace abound unto you today. ~Carla

Real Love

Hello & Happy Monday! The Word of God says that He loves us with and everlasting love! Even more, His love is perfect and casts out all fear. Real love forgives, doesn’t bring up past mistakes, puts others first and is patient. Love never gives up. Can I get and Amen today?! May you give … More Real Love

Be Good

Love this verse from 1st Peter which is packed with info on Christian living. God calls us to be good and when we are, no one can bring a charge against us. Oh, there are those who lie and slander but it won’t stick and we can trust God to right every wrong.

Monday Prayer

Hello & Happy MONDAY! I pray that your week is blessed and filled with God’s best. Father care for us, comfort us, lead, guide and direct us. Protect us from the hands of the Oppressor. Give us strength, peace and JOY! Give us victory in battle. Help us to perserve through trials. We love & … More Monday Prayer