Believe God

Good morning and Happy Friday! I am continuing in prayer today. Do not let the enemy occupy your mind with negativity. Stand firm on the Word of God. Replace all negative thinking with the truth from God. Know that He ultimately desires good for YOU. Contend for your FAITH. Refuse to accept defeat no matter … More Believe God

Fully Known

Have an awesome day! May the LOVE of God be with YOU! God knows your past, present and future. He sees who you are today & intimately knows your destiny. He LOVES You! In HIM, You are fully known and loved. Walk in that truth today. Own it. L & P ~Carla I knew you … More Fully Known

Wait in the Lord

Hello! Today I am encouraging you to wait upon the Lord. Put your hope in Him, trust Him and wait. Don’t just wait on the worst, wait with expectancy for GOOD things to happen. May the Lord renew, restore and strengthen you today. May YOU see signs & wonders such that you will believe and … More Wait in the Lord