Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Jesus was crucified. It was the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on donkey while the people proclaimed Hosanna, Hosanna, blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord. Jesus was welcomed by the people like a king. Palm branches were laid on ground before Him. However, less than a week later, his own disciple would betray him, he would be falsely accused and suffer the crucifixion later on Friday. Don’t despair, for he was RAISED on the third day!

This is a picture of how fickle humanity is. We love you today and hate you tomorrow.
It’s also a picture of how God doesn’t change. He loves us anyway! You see He knows our very hearts but still chooses to make himself available to us. He still chooses to open the door to salvation for us.
Father God, help us to know you and love you and not just when its convenient. Help us to be steadfast and immovable in our beliefs and our allegiance to you.
In the name of Jesus I pray.



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