Keep Your Eyes on God

God is faithful and he does not change. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. As we go through our lives and we face different challenges, it’s important that we keep our eyes on the Lord all the time. We can’t forget His presence and His power. We can’t forget the victory we HAVE in Jesus. Don’t let FEAR stymie you. Don’t let the enemy take back any areas that you’ve already conquered in Christ. Remember the victories you’ve experienced, the healings, the deliverance, the favor on YOUR life.

Need help, here’s a few reminders of His awesome power – He called forth everything that is into being by the power of His word, He can make the barren fertile, He causes walls to fall, He makes the weak strong, He’s a Healer, He causes the dead to rise. He gives victory to those that are weaker and fewer in number.

When our backs are against the wall and it looks like it’s over, magically , mystically, defying all logic…..He makes a way!

Most importantly, the enemy of the saints was defeated on the cross at Calvary.

Death has no power over us.
We die only to rise again

We are victorious!
Don’t forget who He is.
Don’t forget what He’s done.
He didn’t say it would be easy!
Don’t let the STRUGGLE get you down!
Don’t be afraid.
HOlLD your position.
Walk in faith.
Trust God’s good and perfect will for your life.


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