Do You Know Him?


Let us strive to know the Lord.
His appearance is as sure as the dawn.
He will come to us like the rain,
like the spring showers that water the land.
— Hosea 6:3

We should really, really try to know the Lord.

If we know Him, then He will know us as well, and we can be sure that we are living according to His word and safely within His will.

This is how we live a life of peace and abundance.

Just as we spend time with a mates or our family and friends, we must also spend time with God.

How you develop familiarity, friendship, and intimacy? By spending time with someone.

Think of intimacy as knowing someone deeply, inside and out. We were designed by our creator to have and intimate relationship with Him.

I love this verse and the image that it brings to my mind.

The thought of God coming to us like like a spring rain is beautiful.

It is a vision of refreshment after a cold, dry spell.

I don’t know about you, but I need that refreshing, cooling rain.

My prayer today is that you will know and love the Lord deeply and that He will refresh you like a spring rain. Amen.



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