Celebrate Life

Hello my friends! It’s been 3 years since my diagnosis in 2013. I had a scare this year, but I had my mammogram yesterday and all is well.

I’m leaning on God because I don’t know what’s going to happen from one day to the next.

We have to trust Him to work everything out for the best, in all things.

I try to post uplifting messages but I really, really try to live them more than anything.

I’m not just talking the talk, I’m walking the walk. I have to for my sanity.

I’m going to take the time now to say ladies, please, please do your monthly self breast exams and keep your yearly exams.

Your health has to be your #1 Priority. Breast cancer kills.

If something doesn’t seem right – Don’t WAIT.

Call the doctor!

There is no history of breast cancer in my family and I do not have the breast cancer gene.

Things happen and there’s nothing we can do about it, but let’s do as much as we can to prevent anything unnecessary and let’s catch anything as quickly as possible.

Celebrate life with me today!

Everything was within normal limits!

I can breathe!

It is well! ❤

Thank YOU Lord!!
This is your invitation. I’ve been trying to exercise and eat right and I invite you to do the same. Take control of your life and your health.

Have a wonderful week my friends.

Love and blessings!

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