I just completed a study on Joy with the Womens Bible Café.

What is joy? I’m so glad you asked! Joy is a feeling of happiness, pleasure, or delight.

As we went through our study sessions, we were asked to rate our joy on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. I found myself somewhere in the middle of the scale at a 7. Which was actually pretty good but there is always room for improvement.

Here are a few of my key takeaways from the study:

  1. Joy is a feeling that must be pursued intentionally.
  2. Our circumstances can not determine our joy. Circumstances change often.
  3. We need to be purposeful about doing things that bring us joy.
  4. The source of our joy is our relationship with God.

One of the things I realized was that I was not pursing joy daily. As a result,  I’ve now been more intentional about doing things that bring me joy.

For example, I’ve recently taken up calligraphy and adult coloring. Both of these activities are relaxing and enjoyable for me. Yay!

I also like my environment neat and tidy. It annoys me when there is clutter every where and I have to search for the simplest things. I’m working on cleaning and organizing my bedroom and closet.  Whew, I can feel my joy increasing already.

I also try to read scripture and spend time with God daily. Even it I only read one verse, I try to get my face in God’s word each and every day.

Last but not least, I never start my day without prayer. Prayer is like my pregame pep rally. I get’s me going and ready for the day ahead. My sword and shield are up and I try to focus on God and not my problems.

These are just a few examples of changes I’ve made to make my life a little more enjoyable. What are some things you could do to bring more joy into your day?

For more information about the study I participated in, please visit the Womens Bible Café website at:

Here’s to finding more joy in our lives!











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