Facing Goliath

Good morning!

As a young man David faced Goliath. A man so tall and fierce no one in the entire army of Israel would face him. He represented everything that comes against the word of God and the people of God.

David knew something that we need to remember today. We must believe in God and rely on Him and His strength to defeat our enemies and overcome our problems.

You see, they were looking at things in the natural, but we have to look at things in the supernatural! God is always with us and there is no problem that He can’t handle.

Scripture tells us that God has plans for us – Plans for good and not for evil. Plans for a future and a hope!

The Word also says – We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

What giant Goliath problem are you facing today? Bills that are greater than your income? Sickness? Surviving on limited resources. A job that you’re not qualified for on paper but you know you can do? A new home purchase that seems just out of reach? People bad mouthing you and scandalizing your name?

Whatever situation you’re facing today, trust that God is bigger than your problems and know that He has plans for you that are greater than your wildest dreams.

Believe it and receive it.

Have a phenomenal week!

Prayer: Father thank You for the promise to never leave me or forsake me.  Teach me to rely and depend on You in every area of my life. You said that you can open a door that no man can shut. Help me to remember Your promises and know that with you anything is possible. In the name of Jesus I pray.



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