Envy of Another is a Waste of Time

Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors. But this, too, is meaningless—like chasing the wind. Ecc  4:4


Jealousy is a waste of time and energy.

As a young woman and sometimes as an adult, I often compared who I am and what I have to what others have. Society today, has it’s own ideas of beauty, success, or happiness and if we buy into it, we find ourselves running this rat race that only ends in defeat and dissatisfaction. Sometimes, I still wish I could be a size zero, or have that perfect soprano voice. I remember my cancer diagnosis and thinking to myself, why me? Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is, God created me for His glory and my life is in his hands. If I trust in Him, he can bring something good out of even the worst situations. I’ve seen Him do it.

My only job is to look to Him constantly and to keep a connection with Him. He never leaves me but I often turn from Him, I think. I remind myself that God has plans for me, plans for good and not for evil, for a future and a hope. I then realize that I have to be me and be satisfied with my life. The life that I’ve been given. The fact of the matter is, I was uniquely created to give God glory in a way that only I can. When I stop looking around at others and look to God, that is when I’m most content. I don’t have everything in the world, but I have all I need, and it IS GOOD.

What motivates you? Are you motivated only in response to envy of another or are you trying to be the best that you can be for the glory of God and the enrichment of you family?

Do you have to have the latest phone or technology? Do you constantly need new stuff…car, clothes, etc? I’ve found that when we do so, we can’t win. We are never satisfied.

When we purchase something off the shelf, the manufacturer already has the next generation in production. The truth is, we never have the latest and greatest and hence, there begins the rat race and the road to discontentment.

PRAYER: Father help me not to compare my life with others, but instead be satisfied with who I am and the life that I have. Help me to make the most of my gifts and talents and be the best that I can be instead for being jealous. Teach me to be content with the things that I have. I give thanks right now for all that you have given to me so far for for the good things you have in store for me. Lord, I humbly submit my life to you and ask that you use it for Your glory. Amen.


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