Living to the Glory of God


I came in from work and I could hear her rushing around in the room. My baby girl had a surprise waiting for me today and I had a good idea what it might be. I opened the door and there it was. 

She had spent the day cleaning her room. Her bed was made, the floor was picked up, and all of her clothes were put away.  She was waiting in quiet expectancy for me to say something. 

You know just what to say – good job! I love it! It’s perfect!

What else could I possibly have said. My little girl had done something that she knew would make me happy and she had done her very best. 

I was very happy and proud of her. I loved her with all my heart. 

I think about my relationship with God the father and these thoughts come to mind –  

  • Am I living my life to please myself or others or am I living to please God?
  •  Am I doing the things that would please Him and give Him glory? 
  • Do I serve God with eagerness and joy the way my baby girl did for me today?

Part of each of our closest relationships includes identifying the things that make the other person happy and doing them from time to time. It’s a reciprocal exchange whereby each person receives something meaningful from the other. This should be done with without malice, anger, or begrudgingly. When this exchange doesn’t happen, one partner often becomes dissatisfied and the relationship can sour. 

Our spiritual relationship with God is much the same. He gives us life, various gifts and abilities, and many many blessings. We should seek to please Him and honor him. 

My sincere desire is to develop an intimate relationship with God and serve and glorify him with my life and as a result be a blessing to my family, my church, and my community. 

I know that when I serve God with eagerness and with my best gifts he will look on with joy. 

Prayer for today: May the lives that we live be to the glory of God! May He remove every obstacle, break every chain, and open every door. May He sharpen our giftings and enlarge our territory. May He cancel every assignment of the enemy in our life today. May we abide under the shelter of The Almighty, now and always. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

Carla Brooks



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