What Did You Say?


As I’m doing this bible study about our conversations and interpersonal communication,  I’m learning so much. What we say to each other carries a lot of weight but so does our tone of voice and facial expression. All of this blends together as we interact with each other to convey a message. A lot of times we change what we are saying by he tone of voice we are using or our facial expression. If we tell someone “I love you” with an angry voice, our voice will not match up to what we’re saying and that person may not know if we truly mean what we said. It”s important not only to watch what we are saying but also how we are saying it.

What are we actually talking about? Are we gossiping, complaining, lying, maligning others, or being just plain mean? More importantly, who are we talking to? Are we doing this talk with other like like minded people and thereby clogging up our atmosphere with negative junk? Are we talking with someone who is weak or impressionable or someone or someone we are trying to impress?

The conversations that we have with others writes a story about us. They speak volumes and tell others if we good or bad, positive or negative, and if we are really someone they want to be around.

God asks us to speak life to others, to build them up as opposed to tearing them down. We are to speak with wisdom and not foolishly. We are to be lights in the world that draw others to Christ. How can we do that if what we’re saying is mean, negative, or filthy?

I am a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. How am I affecting others with my speech? Am I being a blessing or a curse? Am I sending messages of love and life or of hatred and death? I have decided to be deliberate about speaking to others in love and in ways that encourage them and build them up.

I pray that everything I say blesses and uplifts those around me.



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