The Power of the Tongue


I began a summer bible study this past Monday, June 8th, titled Conversation Peace by Mary Kassian. If you’re interested in learning about how our speech affects our relationships with others, and how to transform your speech grab a book and join me.

I’ll be doing this study with the ladies of the WBC – Womens Bible Cafe.  You can still sign up or get more information at the main website –

The workbooks are available through Lifeway and

Why study about the tongue and our conversations? That’s a good question! The bible speaks of the tongue often. It can be used for good or bad. If used in a helpful manner it can bring healing and peace. If used in a bad way, it can bring hurt and conflict if not all out war! I think everyone could benefit from learning to use their speech in positive ways. Effective communication is a skill that many lack, and that can always be refined.

Here’s to the power of transformed speech!

Carla Brooks

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